About me

Welcome to my website! I am currently a year 4 undergraduate taking Information Systems in National University of Singapore. I love to code. I am most confident when working with Javascript for front and back end web development and I am currently learning C++. I have been doing web development ever since I was back in Singapore Polytechnic since 2014, but I am very willing to learn new technologies.

My resume is available here. Feel free to reach me at davidchoo16@gmail.com.

Even though I am an InfoSys student, I would consider myself to be more of a Computer Science type of person. I have been taking CS modules that are not part of my graduation requirement. I am interested in algorithmic problem solving and machine learning.

I would usually spend my free time and holidays working on pet projects that arises from my interests and needs. I have also attended countless meetups and several hackathons to explore the tech landscape outside of school environment. Besides coding, my hobbies include watching anime, stargazing/astronomy, reading and cycling.

My first coding experience was writing HTML on Microsoft notepad, using the traditional table layout technique back in 2012/13 when I was in secondary school. Looking back, I have come a long way to become who I am today.

My daily drivers


Operating Systems

Dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04. Currently transitioning away from Windows towards linux. (Support open source!)


Text editors


Why did I not switch to CS back in year 1?

I was convinced that the quality of the IS and CS degrees would be the same and it would not matter as much in the long term. I also believe I can learn CS even without being in the CS course.

How different is IS and CS?

CS is definitely much more technical than IS and are usually more intensive in terms of workload. IS modules often have projects that involves web development (IS3106, IS4100) and involves report/essay writing (IS2102, IS3103, IS4100) or presentations (IS2101, IS3103, IS4100).

How did I code this website?

This is a jekyll blog which I customised. Jekyll is a static site generator which makes updating and maintaining the site simple. The code for the website is available here.

I learnt of Jekyll and static site generators through a talk by Jethro. When designing my site, I drew inspiration from his website, the author of vim-plug, and this blogpost I came across.


Spaces! 2 spaces to be exact, but I will follow standards (eg 4 spaces for Java, etc).


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